Special Guests

Gonzalo Martinez

Host of the annual Heli Scale Masters event in central California, Gonzalo has agreed to suspend HSM in 2025 in order to support and attend Scale Heli Storm! Gonzalo expects to bring his gorgeous 1/4 scale Vario Lama along with his HeliClassics KA-32.

Gonzalo is a full-scale helicopter pilot and an expert scale modeler and pilot. For those who have never met Gonzalo, you are in for a real treat!

Heli Factory Founders

Partners Bernd Bremer and George Maier have combined to make Heli Factory a well-known brand in Europe that is now gaining momentum in the United States. According to Heli Factory, more than 90% of the helicopters they build are built according to original designs, painted, flown, and then handed over to the customer. Bernd, George and Heli-Factory USA distributor, Chuck Birt, will bring exciting models for you to see and fly. The new H-160 may be on the menu as well.

Matthias Strupf

Widely considered to be the world's best scale helicopter designer and builder, Matthias created HeliClassics some twenty years ago. He has built and sold nearly 70 of his astonishingly detailed and beautiful models worldwide -- at least 7 of which will be on display at ScaleHeliStorm! Some of his iconic models include the KA-32 (pictured), KA-52 (attack helicopter), Mi-24 Hind, Mi-171 and Bell 212. Matthias is no slouch on the sticks either. Attendees will get to see Matthias fly his models during the event.